Rob Murray is an award-winning Bristol based Wildlife Cameraman and Self-Shooting PD, with a background in human-wildlife documentary filmmaking. His camera experience includes stabilised long-lens, underwater, aerial and drone; proficient with the use of Sony FX6, FX9, RED Helium 8k and Arri Alexa Mini cameras.

Since beginning his career, he has worked alongside some of the best in the industry, including award-winning Director of Photography, Robin Cox (“Human Planet) and award-winning Executive Producer, Wolfgang Knoepfler (“Sea of Shadows”).

As well as working on blue chip natural history documentaries, he has produced independent award-winning programmes, including being selected as a finalist for the Jackson Wild Media Awards 2022. This was for his most recent documentary Valley of the Bears, a film on human-bear conflict in the Bella Coola Valley, British Columbia.  

Since beginning his career, Rob has adopted a holistic approach to filmmaking, taking projects from Development through to Post-Production; doing everything from researching, shooting, directing to editing.

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